Stewart and Kayos:
I have a black labrador called Kayos, I took her to Zanwood for a bath and groom, when I collected her she looked great and the condition of her coat has greatly improved. I will be using Zanwood grooming again.

Bob and Sammy:
Zanwood has looked after my dog Sammy about 3 times a year for the last 5 years, we can now enjoy our holidays without worrying about him fretting in kennels where he used to chew his foot raw, he now gets excited when we drop him off for his stay at Zanwood. We also had problems with him moulting but since we had him groomed by Zanwood there has been a great improvement in moulting as well as general coat condition. I would recommend Zanwood Grooming and Minding for that extra for your dog.

I tried Zanwood Grooming for the 1st time recently and was very impressed as she only does a couple of dogs per day, she therefore gives each dog a lot of individual attention and time. I’m very pleased with the results, highly recommended.